Precision Shaft


Our shaft factory are QS9000 approved and  is one of the best supplier for precision shaft in the world market. Our annual productivity is 1.2 billion pieces (sets) of axle now. 

Product details(Assorted according to application):

    Home electric appliance,camera and other electric appliance
    Radio,recorder/electric tools/water blower,juicer/bread machine/air cooler/fan,water fountain/DVD/VCD/acoustic camera/digital camera
    Material (SUS440C)Copper/aluminium/all kinds of steel
    Screw thread precision Grade 6
    Coaxial tolerance 0.01mm
    Position tolerance 0.03mm
    Radial and exterior flop 0.01mm
    Surface treatment Electric plating nickel,non-electrolytic nickelplate,gild,and,black
    Computer parts
    CD-ROM/DC-FAN/computer/CD driver
    Material SUS420J2,SUS300
    Outer diameter tolerance 0.001mm
    Straightness tolerance 0.001mm
    Round tolerance 0.0002mm
    Cylinder tolerance 0.0005mm
    Surface roughness tolerance Ry0.4
    Worm precision Grade 6
    Heat treatment Bright hardening
  • Telecommunication business machinery parts
    Fax machine/scanner/forms printer/paper crusher/mobile phone/wireless phone
    Material aluminium,copper,SUM24L,S45C,SUS420J2SUS300
    Outer diameter tolerance 0.001mm
    Round tolerance 0.0003mm
    Surface roughness tolerance Ry0.4
    Coaxial tolerance 0.02mm
    Surface treatment Non-electrolytic nickel plate
    Auto parts
    Automobile/engine"motorcycle"/bicycle/electric vehicle
    Material series SUS420J2,SUM24L,SUS300
    Round tolerance 0.0003mm
    Cylinder tolerance 0.0005mm
    Surface roughness tolerance Ry0.4
    Gear,screw thread precision Greade6
    Coaxial tolerance 0.005mm
    Position tolerance 0.03mm
    Heat treatment Part hardening(cementite,oxidation,high frequency)total hardening
    Machinery appliance parts
    Machinery equipment/pneumatic component/medical machine parts/sewing machine/aeronautical satellite
    Material S45C
    Worm precision Grade6
    Surface treatment Electric nickel plate
    Engine parts

    Mini-type motor/general motor/walking motor/principal axial motor/rectifier
    Material S45,SUS300,SUS42J2
    Surface roughness tolerance Ry0.4
    Screw tolerance Grade6
    Coaxial tolerance 0.005mm
    Surface treatment Nickel plate,high frequency treatment
    Material Bakelite powder(Panasonic cn4404)non-oxygen argentiferous copper(hitach)
    Moder >RS-385,RS-550,RS-555,RS-750,RS-755,engine parts
    Technical parameter Coaxial tolerance:0.02mm sheet axial compression resistance,sheet compression resistance:250V/2s