Refrigerating Compressor Motor
YUR Asynhronouse Motor for Refrigerating CompressorFruorine-resistant single -phase asynchronous for closed refrigerating compressor has many advantages of high efficiency ,good starting performance and big overload capacity.It has been used in refrigerating compressor of refrigerator and air conditioner,enjoying the trust of the customers at home and abroad.

In addition to the features of fruorine-resistant motor,motor for non-fruorine compressor is made of the imported high performance insulating materia which improved the performance of insulation,has high heat resistance and low extraction.The motor has features of little water and low dust content and is able to fit the working condition of compressor which takes R134a or R600a as its refrigerant.

By using an imported high-speed press,auto horizontal die-casting machine and auto production line with inserting coils machine,It has advanced technique,full equipment,perfect testing and measuring means and quality control system. 

   MAIN TECHNICAL DATA       Power supply:220V/50Hz 
Model No.
Stack HEIGH(mm) Blocked Torque(N.m) Max. Torque(N.m) Rated Output(W) Efficiency(%) Power Sector(cos¦µ) Current(A) Starting Resistanc PTC(Ohm)
TM093A2A 32 0.68 1.24 93 70 54 1.25 22
TM093A3A 32 0.50 1.03 93 76 55 1.0 22
TM108A2A 36 0.74 1.45 108 70 54 1.40 33
TM108A3A 36 0.73 1.06 108 76 63 1.05 33

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