(Ningbo Hansen Co.,Ltd)
ZJTEX ELECTRIC MOTOR is a leading exporter and manufacturing group of AC, DC Motors & Motors Parts. We have over 10,800 different designs of electric motors on file.ZJTEX ELECTRIC MOTOR can design  motors & parts to fit your special needs.

Ningbo Hansen Co.,Ltd meet worldwide customer demand for other parts like plastic ,rubber,iron casting,die casting,precision casting,PCB&SMT,HVAC&R components
,automotive components, transmission,control,etc.

The motor listed below is only a small part of what we can supply,specific inquiry should email to us for a quick proposal.

Electric Motors & Parts Products list:
AC Motor

external rotor  external rotor shaded/PSC  shaded/PSC 3.3"shaded/PSC  3.3"shaded/PSC
c-frame pump  c-frame pump c-frame,resin-pack c-frame gear c-frame 58  refrigerator fan
shaded pump  refrigerator fan 3.3" shaded/PSC refrigerator fan aluminium case cast iron case
Oil burner Oil burner Air/c direct drive Air conditioner  Air conditioner Aair conditioner
Air conditioner Air/c resin pack condens 2-speed Air conditioner Air conditioner Fan Coil
Fan coil Fan coil ovensynchronous icemaker synchron ovensynchronous  synchronous 
synchronous  ovensynchronous synchronous   hysteresis motor washer   washer pump
washer  washer  series motor medical bed motor IEC motor  
NEMA motor Steel housing  ac induction reversible vacuum dry/wet refrigeration auto


DC Motor

auto motor auto motor auto motor auto motor gate opener  auto motor
scooter motor auto motor bike motor auto motor scooter motor scooter motor
2",2.5",3"motor auto motor auto fan motor auto fan motor golf cart motor gear motor
starter motor gear motor spin motor gear motor  standard motor gear motor
gear motor disc fan motor coreless motor heavy duty motor servo motor fractional motor

Stepping Motor

BYJ stepping  PM stepping HB stepping gear stepping gear stepping HB Stepping
VR stepping HB stepping

BLDC motor

air conditioner air conditioner A/C resin-pack  air conditioner air condtiioner air conditioner
medical bed air conditioner auto fan train fan auto fan wheelchair motor
motorcycle  bike motor golfcaddy motor scooter motor servo motor minimotor
external rotor72 external 92 external 47,59    


axial fan c-frame crossflow external rotor BLDC cross flow external rotor axial fan easy-clean
forward curve centrifugal
backward curve centrifugal fresh air fan external rotor (open frame) AC/BLDC cooling fan Freezer fan external rotor BLDC bus fan
Aluminium crossflow fan roof type centrifugal fan plastic cross flow fan plastic two-inlet
plastic axial fan aluminium

Ningbo Hansen co.,ltd  products list:
cast iron part precision casting aluminium die cast precision cast powder metal  rubber part
plastic part bearing rotor magnet commutator mould
PCB&controller wire harness motorized valve motorized valve