(Ningbo Hansen Co.,Ltd)

ZJTEX ELECTRIC MOTOR is a leading export and  manufacturing group of special AC, DC Motors & Motors Parts and other parts for household appliance industry , automotive industry and other industries. We have over 10,800 different designs of electric motors on file.ZJTEX ELECTRIC MOTOR  can design and supply motors & parts to fit your special needs.

Electric Motors & Parts Products list:

AC Motors
  Motors, Air Compressor(NEMA frame)
Arrow1.gif (191 bytes)  Motors, Bench Drilling
  Motors, Coil Winding Machine
  Motors, Cold Drinker
  Motors, Dish washer     New!
  Motors, Dryer
  Motors,External Rotor Motor and Fan
  Motors, Farm Duty(NEMA 56 )
  Motors, Gate
  Motors, Gear Motor(4-90W)
  Motors, Genaral IEC Asynchronous
Arrow1.gif (191 bytes)  Motors, HVAC(room and commercial) Induction   New!
Motors, NEMA Motor(1-15HP)
  Motors, NEMA Motor(15HP above), General 
  Motors, NEMA Motor,Inverter Duty  New!
  Motors,NEMA Motor,Stainless Steel  New!
  Motors, Power Electric Hoist
  Motors, Power Tools(NEMA frame)
  Motors, Refrigerating Compressor
  Motors, Roof Ventilator
  Motors, Series
  Motors, Shaded Pole New!
  Motors, Shredder
  Motors, Speed Reducer
  Motors, SynchronousUpdated!
  Motors, Vauum Cleaner
  Motors, Washing Machine
  Motors, Other General Use Fractional Motor(NEMA frame)
DC Motors
Motors, Brushless
Motors, Brushless servo motorNew!
  Motors, Coreless servo motorNew!
  Motors, Coreless servo gear motorNew!
  Motors, DC Servo Motor
  Motors, For oil pump
  Motors, Permanent Magnet Micromotor(standard)
  Motors, Permanent Magnet Gear Motor(standard)New!
  Motors, Permanent Magnet /Gear Motor(special)
  Motors, Permanent Magnet  Fractional  New!
  Motors, Automotive/Scooter industry  New!
Stepping  Motors

AC/DC Cooling Fan
AC FanNew!
DC FanNew!


NINGBO HANSEN CO.,LTD is the parent company of ZJTEX ELECTRIC MOTOR,and besides motors, it also export other different industrial parts as below:

Aluminium Die casting Parts
Permanent Magnets(QS9000)
Electronic controller
Plastic Fan and Wheel
HVAC Automatic Controller Components(I) Air Curtain
Electric Vehicle(golf caddy,wheel chair,scooter) HOT!