• 208-230/460V, 230/460V, 460V, 575V, at 60Hz. 
  • Cast iron TEFC three phase general purpose.
  • EPACT compliant.
  • Inverter duty continuous rate.
  • Rigid base with F1 and F2 mounting.
  • Inverter duty rated insulation system.
  • Severe duty using cast iron fan cover kit.
  • C-Face and D-flange kits available.
  • CSA and ISO9002 certified.
  • Thermal protected.
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1. Steel fan cover for optimum strength.

2. Small size, high strength non-sparking fan reduces noise and enhances efficiency. Fan is keyed to the shaft.

3. Heavy-duty cast iron frame, end plated and conduit box.

4. Chromium-plated copper nameplate with standard information on motor efficiency, wiring diagram, bearing sizes etc.

5. Ultra-Shield Plus TM 200 C inverter spike resistant magnet wire, high grade electromagnetic steel stator, lower resistance and I2R losses, high efficiency design, inverter rated insulation system.

6. Cast aluminium rotor dynamically balanced, for reduced vibration and noise. The surface is painted with a semigloss polyester finish.

7. Bearings meet all standards. 143T-256T frame motors use double shielded ball bearings while 284T frame and larger motors have greaseable bearings with bearing caps to protect against entry of grease into the motor.

8. Lubrication fittings on each end of motor (284T frame and larger). Lithium base grease is used with range of -30C~+110C ambient temperature.

9. Neoprene shafts slinger protects bearings by repelling moisture and other contaminants.

10. One-way, corrosion resistant condensate drains to release condensation and moisture from the housing.

11. Oversized cast iron conduit box, double gaskets, box can be rotated in 90° increments. NPT threaded entrance. Leads are extra long and permanently marked, 404T-405T frame motors have 12 leads, suitable for wye-delta starting.

ZJTEX-IE series inverter duty motors use greater protection inverter rated insulation. The insulation system includes Ultra-Shield Plus TM spike and moisture resistant 200C magnet wire, specially-formed phase insulation, cushioned and sleeved connections, and deep-penetrating, non-hygroscopic, high-temperature varnish. This helps protect against high voltage spikes. Additionally, the motors meet or exceed the federally mandated EPACT requirements. The high efficiency design provides more copper and steel for and extra margin of operation performance. The  motor-6.JPG (10614 bytes)
performance data and mechanical characteristics and shared with the ZJTEX-HE series high efficiency motors.
ZJTEX-IE Series Inverter Duty Motors Speed and Torque Ranges

Inverter-rated continuous duty with variable torque from 10 through 90Hz and constant torque from 15 through 90Hz. At full torque and low speed with a vector drive using an optional blower kit from 0 through 90Hz. The maximum recommended frequency for 2 pole motors is 75Hz. Operation for variable or constant torque is up to a base frequency of 60 Hz only. Operation above 60Hz to the maximum frequency listed is constant horse power.

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               Percent base speed
                       2 pole max,speed
                           4 and up max,speed
             Percent base speed
                       2 pole max,speed
                           4 and up max,speed

1. All motors have class F insulation.

2. General operating environment is 40C ambient, 3300 feet and 1.0 service factor when used with an inverter.

3. Optimized voltage boost is required for continuous operation throughout the frequency range specified.

4. Maximum recommended cable length for IGBT inverters is 250 feet.

5. Motors with blower kits have continuous cooling and are capable of full rated torque at 0 speed with a properly turned vector drive.

6. All motors have insulation systems designed to meet the NEMA requirements for peak voltage up to 1600 volts, and pulse rise times greater than or equal to 1 microsecond.