We fulfill your magnetic needs.Whether it is the smallest ring, disc or the largest arc segment, we deliver. Using our proven engineering, manufacturing, and delivery processes.we are the magnetic manufacturer of choice,Our factory are QS9000 approved.
we are committed to:

*   Creating successful working partnerships with our customers.
*   Providing the right answer the first time.
*   Manufacturing superior magnetic products and solutions of electric motors.
*   Building lasting relationships with our customers.

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Customers come to us requiring varying degrees of assistance. We are ready to implement your specific order immediately. With manufacturing, engineering, and
in-house assembly, we can work out a schedule to meet your needs.

Arrow1.gif (191 字节) Magnet, AlNiCo (Cast & Sintered)
Arrow1.gif (191 字节) Magnet, Hard Ferrite
Arrow1.gif (191 字节) Magnet, Neodymium (Sintered & Bonded)
Arrow1.gif (191 字节) Magnet, Rubber
Arrow1.gif (191 字节) Magnet, Samarium Cobalt
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