Electronic controller for household appliance industry

Our Electronic factory is engaged in  development of various electronic controller for  household appliances  which meet the needs of multi-pulse interference test, periodic pulse voltage drop-out experiment and invirement experiment.Our facility has a whole set of apparatus of producing and testing, equipped with SMT, automated double wave soldering system,ICT and molding machine.
ISO9001 standard is used in our quality management. Besides, backbones in the company all have at least six years' experience of household apparatus producing and managing. CAT, CAD, MRP, as well as other advanced techniques are introduced into the process of designing, testing, and producing.

Electronic controller assembly of air-conditioner
Split-type air-conditioner
1. Five modes: automated, cool, dry, fan, and heat 
2. Timing and sleep function.Over voltage, over currency, startup relay, electronic defrost and other protective functions.
3. Infrared remote control or line control, LCD large screen display 
4. Fuzzy control function, one drives two or two drive two functions.
Cabinet air-conditioner
1. Five modes: automated, cool, dry, fan, and heat 
2. Timing, sleep control function; over-voltage, over-current and low voltage protection .
3. Remote control or line control, LED and LCD display 
4. Auto error recognition function, electronic purifying function, electric adjuvant heating function 
Window-type air-conditioner
1. Five modes: automated, cool, dry, fan, and heat 
2. 1-15 hours timing on and off function
3. Digital kinescope display of indoor temperature and setting temperature, simple and elegant looking
4. 3 minutes delay protection of compressor.

Refrigerator micro-computer controller
1. Intelligent running:
Automatically accommodate a reasonable and economical running state according to humidity, door-opening times, and food quantity, e.g. fuzzy control. In case of unexpected power off, it can work under the former program after repower.
2. Fresh preservation function:
Extreme freeze, fast freeze and wet keeping, controlled by microcomputer to prevent vegetables and fruits from drying.
3. Whole machine protection:
Start-up delay function protect the compressor from the damage caused by unexpected power off when re-power on. Refrigerator can still running under normal condition despite the interference of over-voltage, under-voltage over-currency.

Refrigerator microcomputer controller:
* Cooling and Heating Display Cabinet:
1. Tow working mode: freeze or heat. Can choose working mode according to the setting and actual temperature automatically.
2. Actual and setting temperature display by digital kinescope.
3. Three minutes delay protection function for compressor.
4. Memorizing function keep the user's parameter unchanged in case of unexpected power off.
* Refrigerator:
1. Four running modes: deep freeze, mild freeze, strong freeze and fast freeze.
2. Actual and setting temperature display by digital kinescope.
3. Temperature setting is available in deep freeze, mild freeze and strong freeze mode.
4. Actual and setting temperature display by digital kinescope.
5. Memorizing function keep the user's parameter unchanged in case of unexpected power off.

Washing machine microcomputer controller:

????The system introduced the latest fuzzy controlling technique, which can automatically identify clothes quantity, cloth quality and temperature and choose the best washing procedure. It is equipped with several protective functions like pause for the unbalance clothes, no water in, no draining and power off. Twenty-four hours beforehand setting; different washing time, LED display; automated error display and buzzer alarm; elegant and simple looking with touching panel, easy to operate.

Electric cooker micro-computer controller:
1. Micro-computer technique, manual intelligent fuzzy control
2. Fuzzy identify and accommodate to different rice quantity and environment
3. Seven cooking mode, guarantee cooking quality by "expert" techniques
4. LCD display, clear and simple to operate
5. Double warming, timing and at most twelve hours' timing startup function
6. Over-heated or error audio and optical alarm
7. Power-saving, safe and with a wide range of working voltage

Microwave Oven Controller:

1. Multi-cooking mode, multi-process cooking 2. Menu auto-cooking, timing cooking
3. Memorize and defrost function
4. Clock function, LED or LCD display

Disinfecting cupboard microcomputer controller:
1. Micro-computer control, LED display
2. disinfect, dry, illuminate and decorate function
3. Four programs: 60 minutes' disinfect and dry; 60 minutes' dry; 30 minutes' disinfect and dry; 30 minutes' dry; keyboard control; auto revolve 

Coffee stove controller:
1. Micro-computer controller, LCD time display, timing setting and keyboard panel
2. Manual and auto control, LED display
3. Manual: on and off freely, or switch off after 120 minutes
==Auto: heating at set time and switch off after 120 minutes

Range Hoods Controller:
1. Touching panel, easy and convenient to control
2. Switch between high, middle, and low fan speed or change between the left motor to the right one
3. Clock and stepless and sectional timing function
4. Delay off and alarm function LED digital kinescope, clock display, VFD color laser animation display and intelligent display (automatically switch off the display some time after stopping running, when press any key, the display can restore)

Water heater controller:
1. LCD display for water temperature and working state
2. Lighting logic controlled by micro-computer
3. Over-heat protection
4. Over voltage or over low voltage protection of power network
5. Ventilator short circuit or short circuit protection 6. 20 minutes timing protection

Electric iron controller:
1. Angle detecting, auto identifying preheat or iron
2. 15 minutes beforehand heat timing
3. 10 seconds iron timing
4. Buzzer overtime alarm

Warm fan micro-computer controller:
1. Two grade power of 1000w or 2000w
2. Timing switch on and off of 0.5-7.5 hours
3. Step-by-step motor throttle and swing control
4. Infrared remote control or line control, LED display
5. 30 minutes delayed off function
6. Wild working voltage range, strong capacity of resisting interference

Inverter controller for air-conditioner:

*Two modes: direct current frequency conversion and alternating current frequency conversion for the outdoor machine controller; *Direct or alternating current for outdoors ventilator (tap/PG ventilator) ;
*Two types of indoor ventilator: direct current brushless or alternating ventilator (tap/PG ventilator);
*Two blowing modes: one-way and solid;
*Throttle methods: capillary or electromagnetic expansion valve; *Frequency conversion range: 15Hz-150Hz.
*Strong full-power running, quickly freeze and heat;
*Wild working voltage: AC165V-260V;
*Single thick film circuit controlled direct brushless ventilator, no need of feedback circuit;
*Large fan speed with low noise Provide general frequency conversion, which help the system work efficiently and conveniently;
*Fuzzy control, with a comfortable and calm indoor temperature, power-saving.

Infrared remote-control emitter and receiver:
Remote-control Distance
Power Supply Voltage
Controllable Angle
Working Voltage
>500 thousand times
Remote-control Distance
Power Supply Voltage
Controllable Angle
Working Voltage
>500 thousand times