We are the leading designer and exporter of brushless motor and its electronic controller in China.We produce DC brushless motor for HVAC,industrial automatic control use,for electric vehicle use ,for water pump and lab machinery,washing machine,wood machinery,etc.

1.External Rotor Type
ZWW102-1(Dia.102mm) ZWW102-1A(Dia.102mm) ZWW92-1(A)(Dia.92mm) ZWW92-1B(Dia.89mm)
ZWW92-1C(Dia.89mm) ZWW72C-1(Dia.72mm) ZWW72C-1E(Dia.72mm) ZWW72H-1(Dia.72mm)
ZWW53(Dia.53mm) ZWW53F(Dia.53mm) ZWW35-1(Dia.35mm) FH06/08 Tangential fan
FL145 Centrifugal blower FL160 Centrifugal blower FL140 Centrifugal blower FLW Series DCBL fan

2.Fan motor(Internal-rotor)for Vehicle and other application
ZW90-8(Dia.92mm) ZW90C-4(Dia.92mm) ZW85(Dia.85mm) ZW75-1(Dia.75mm)
ZW100-1(Dia.100mm) ZW100-2(3)(Dia.98mm) ZW87-1  ZW68-1 
Model Size(DxHxL) Voltage range VDC Rated voltage DC Output power (w) Rated speed Controller method Electronic type
ZW68-1 dia68*118*66 12-36 24 120 4000 PAM External
ZW87-1 dia87*128*40 12-36 24 100 2800 PWM External

3.Air conditioner /Fan Motor
6538-4         PDF FILE  6634-5         PDF FILE   8538-5       PDF FILE ZDW15          PDF FILE
ZDWK-12    PDF FILE ZDWK-15        PDF FILE ZDWK-16       PDF FILE ZDWK-40      PDF FILE
ZW90C-5E ZWST30-I  Resin-Pack ZW90C-2 ZW90C-1
 ZDW90-1       PDF FILE FL077032D-01 FAN FL077032D-02 FAN FL085034D-02 FAN
ZW90C-2H Vertical type  fan motor

4.General Usage 

Technical details

5.Precision Control Motor
DC brushless motors
34SW Series 57SW Series  ZW57 Series ZWS90 Series

6.Controller PCB

7.AC-DC Switching Power Supply