Aluminium Die casting Parts
Our Aluminium Die Casting factory  is a Chinese-Japanese joint firm manufacturing various aluminum die-casting products and resin-molding products with ultra-modern equipment from Toshiba and Japanese advanced die-casting technology. Chinese and Japanese first-class engineers are charged with production management. 

With Japanese 90's typical advanced melting furnace, the company can liquefy and preserve the heat  of liquid aluminum to manufacture the aluminum die-casting products suitable for differently required various aluminum materials. There are eight sets of die-casting equipment from 250tons to 800tons in the company. With new & special technology, it is easy to satisfy the customers' need of qualified and multi-kind of products. 

With the advanced Japanese molds, the company can manufacture many kinds of qualified products in the extensive industry like electric motor ,automobile, motorcycle, sewing machine, precision machine, measuring equipment, office equipment etc.. 

There is strict quality control system in the company, which includes strict control and inspection for every production step to manufacture the qualified products. The company uses the Optical Emission Spectrometer "OES-5500" manufactured by Japanese top-maker SHIMAZU in 1990s'to analysis the chemical element of the aluminum alloy rapidly and accurately. 

Not only there is excellent production system under ideal manufacturing line stepping up "5s" management, also we design the products/molds/special-purpose manufacturing facilities with CAD application. 

Production Capability :
  • Products range from 20g to 6.0kg. 
  • Monthly Production: 250 tons of die-casting products. 
  • Monthly machining production: 120,000 pieces of die-casting products 
Molds :   
  • Our die-casting molds are supplied by professional mold manufactories with CAD and CAM abilities. 
  • Enhancements are made to produce precision die-casting molds with a lifespan over 50,000 times and that of the simple-shaped ones even goes beyond 100,000 times.
  • With our die-casting molds and machinery, maximum square measure of 1500cm2 can be attained.
Follow-up : 
  • Die-casting surface processing service: Stamping, bur-finishing, drilling, paint spraying, chromate treatment, and surface shot blasting, etc. 
  • Die-casting Machining: CNC Lathe, MC Milling processing, boring & tapping. 
ISO 9002  Approved :
  To achieve better quality, we abide by ISO 9002 to set up each quality control system to ensure our aluminum casting products and machining meet clients' need. We have acquired the recognition of ISO 9002 and now applying for QS-9000.

Fog lamps case

(upper)Motorcycle parts for Harley-Davidson
(lower)Main body of LPG gas exchanger for lift truck
Products by aluminum alloy die casting 
Fan blades for industries LPG gas exchanger for automobile
Note-Book Parts Note-Book Parts
Door Handle Parts Door Handle Parts
Office Chair Parts Pump Parts

1 Striko, Germany Melting Furnace 1 750 kg/h
2 Toshiba, Japan Casting Machine( 650 ton) 1  
3 Frech, Germany Casting Machine(500 ton) 1  
4 Frech, Germany Casting Machine(200 ton) 1  
5 Toyo, Japan Casting Machine(350 ton) 2  
6 Toyo, Japan Casting Machine(200 ton) 1  
7 Toyo, Japan Casting Machine(125 ton) 1  
8 Toshiba, Japan Casting Machine(135 ton) 2  

Mechanical arm lading out liquid aluminum automatically

FRECH-200 ton casting machine from Germany

FRECH-500 ton casting machine from Germany

STRIKO automatic melting and heat-reserving furnace from Germany

1 Mori Seki, Japan CNC Lathe Machine 1
2 Tong-Tai, Taiwan Vertical Machine Concentricity 2
3 Brother, Japan Small-Sized Processing Machine About 15 
4 Made in Taiwan Shot Blast Machine 2
MC Multi-Function Miller MC Multi-Function Miller CNC Lathe Machine

1 Coordinate Measuring Machine 1
2 Roundness Measuring Machine 1
3 Surface Roughness Tester 1
4 Digimatic Height Gauge 2
5 Others(Gauge Blocks, Pin Gauge, Digit Outside Micrometers, ....etc. )   

A corner of the Quality Control Division